Architecture students from Taiwan

Last week Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips welcomed a very enthusiastic group of architecture students from the Da-Yeh University in Taiwan.

We organized a full-day tour visiting some of the best architecture in Lisbon and Cascais.

In Lisbon, we have explored the city’s downtown, and we were very welcomed at the Aires Mateus Studio. We got to know, in loco, the creative process by which this Lisbon-based architecture studio became worldwide known.

The Aires Mateus office occupies an 18th century building, restored by the team in 2017. Restoration projects are relevant within Lisbon’s architectural scene - the appreciation of built heritage via the restoration of existing elements together with the introduction of contemporary ones.

Looking into the projects and the many models developed in the studio, we got a clear picture about the extraordinary attention given to each and every detail, the thorough research put into design and construction, and other aspects of Aires Mateus inspiring architecture.

In the afternoon we visited the Casa das Histórias – Paula Rego in Cascais, and we climbed the tower of the Santa Marta Lighthouse. The weather was a bit chilly but that did not spoil our excellent time.

Many thanks to the students and a special thanks to architect Paul Draaijer!

Post and photo credits: Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips

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