Architecture tour around the Beiras #2 Cró Hotel Rural

Heading north, through Portugal’s hilly hinterland…Near the town of Sabugal we stopped for lunch at the fantastic Cró Hotel Rural by Pedro dos Santos Arquitectos.

Cró is an absolutely idyllic setting where you would never expect to find such a futuristic-looking hotel! Nonetheless, as the tourism grows in Portugal, architecture plays a role in creating new concepts within the hospitality sector.

Unlike any traditional mountain hotel, the building has a glossy zinc-cladding structure. It is a four story construction which looks smaller in comparison with the infinitude of the granite surrounding landscape. The deep façade slots are wooden lined and make for a smooth transition between the exterior and the intimacy of the interior spaces.

The rooms are finished in wood and well equipped with the Czech TON furniture, excellent design! All the rooms have a panoramic bath.

The project uses the level difference between the back and the front façades to create a semi-enclosed large patio, accessing directly from the exterior to the restaurant area. There we had a very fine meal with a fantastic panorama!

General Project: Pedro dos Santos Arquitectos (architect Pedro Santos).

Date: 2015 / Cró Hotel integrates the pre-existent thermal complex (with medicinal sulphuric waters). The project included also the extension of the pre-existent structure.

Location: Rapoula de Côa, Sabugal – Guarda

Photos and post credits: Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips

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