Fieldwork trip with students

Last week, Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips welcomed a group of Master students from CCAE Cork Centre for Architectural Education (Ireland) for a day tour, as part of their fieldwork trip.

Lisboa is the territory that these students will use as a basis to develop their design thesis project over the next 12 months.

We planned a tour, providing a broader look at Lisboa, going outside the city centre to explore contrasting urban spaces and places which are often overlooked.

Lisboa is a city of bairros, places with distinctive urban features that have an intense community life in common. Together we visited several typologies of bairros – planned, unplanned, mixed (and clandestine), all experiencing problems shared by many suburbs, such as social, economic or urban exclusion.

Some of these bairros were however targeted for urban renewal operations, involving stakeholders, including the municipality and the local communities.

Despite being located in peripheral areas, many of these bairros enjoy impressive panoramas over the Tejo Estuary and lower parts of the city.

We will keep in touch with the CCAE Cork Centre for Architectural Education, looking forward to know more about the students projects, as they advance!

Photos and post credits: Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips

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