l’École d’Architecture de Lausanne - EPFL in Lisbon

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Group photo in Casa das Histórias - Paula Rego, Cascais

Last weekend Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips welcomed in Lisbon students and Professors from the l’École d’Architecture de Lausanne – EPFL

Touring around Lisbon’s city centre, and along the eastern riverfront, we explored similar and contrasting approaches to the city and architecture.

Ranging from small scale rehabilitation projects to plans developing new urban areas, we have analysed and discussed the impact of these interventions in re-shaping the city’s dynamics and urban fabric. Other subjects arose during our excursions, such as public housing strategies and sustainable urban development.

Our two day excursion ended at the seaside town of Cascais, visiting remarkable projects. The extraordinary heritage and geography of Cascais continue to inspire architects, designing iconic buildings and by doing that, promoting the country and Portuguese architecture worldwide.

Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips is driven by the enthusiasm of all who join us, each and every insight and feedback we got from this experience was of extraordinary value to us!

Post and photo credits: Lisboa Architecture Walks and Trips

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