Lisbon-based ARX Portugal Arquitectos in Ílhavo

The Maritime Museum, one of the projects by the Lisbon-based ARX Arquitectos in the northern town of ílhavo.

The first phase of the project focused on the complete renovation and extension of the already existing museum, turning it into a “place of memory” for permanent and temporary exhibitions. The second phase included the construction of two additional spaces: a codfish aquarium and a research centre - CIEMAR.

Completely linked to the subjects of the sea life and maritime activities, the architecture of the museum is characterized by a very dynamic composition of intertwined black and white modules configuring the interior spaces and the surrounding public area.

The museum was awarded the AICA Prize in 2003 (International Association of the Art Critics USA), and named for the Mies Van De Rohe Prize 2002, among others…

First phase: 1997-2002 / Extension: 2009-12

Project: ARX Portugal Arquitectos

Promoter / owner: Ílhavo Municipality

Post credits and photos by Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips

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