Lisbon's best building of 2017

As Lisbon's best building of 2017, we selected the very new Lisbon cruise terminal by the Portuguese architect João Luis Carrilho da Graça.

People are not sure about the benefits it will bring to the city's socio-economic dynamics in the future but we can get already a clear picture how it relates with the urban setting.

The Building occupies a significant position at the riverfront along the old city. The clearness of its design – a very bright floating volume - contrasts notably with the winding structures of the surrounding urban tissue.

The Lisbon cruise terminal is a contemporary landmark, it (re) writes the history of the place and (re) shapes the image of the city. It is certainly the building of the year!

Photos and post credits: Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips

General project: Carrilho da Graça Arquitectos

Date: 2010-2017

Location: Santa Apolónia, Lisbon

Link to the project

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