Maritime Traffic Control Centre by Gonçalo Byrne

Yesterday’s afternoon walk was special. We entered the premises of the Port of Lisbon to have an attentive look at the remarkable maritime traffic control centre, in Algés.

Seen from far away it is a small tower, which scale gradually expands as we approach it. Nearby it is powerful!

The building stands on an advanced jetty, from which it leans expressively around 9 meters south overlooking the water. Like an Italic tower (architect Manuel Graça dias, 2004).

As pointed by the architect Gonçalo Byrne “it is an object that progressively dematerializes”. It has a 19 x 13 meters stone base supporting a solid copper-cladding trapezoidal volume, topped by a translucent cabin. It raises 9 floors above the ground level / 36 meters.

The maritime traffic control centre is located in Algés, the transition district between the city and the “Linha” – the Atlantic coast line of Lisbon. It distinctively signs the turning point between the river Tejo and the Ocean.

Photos and post credits: Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips

General project: Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos

Date: 1997-2001

Location: Algés – Oeiras

Link to the project

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