Prata development – Renzo Piano Housing Complex in Lisbon

Within the strategy to redevelop Lisbon’s riverside, there is an old “building story” going on, which will redefine the lifestyle around the former industrial districts in the eastern area of Lisbon.

Prata development takes the place of the former weapons factory Braço de Prata, and has the signature of the Italian architect Renzo Piano, in collaboration with the Lisbon based office CPU Consultores.

The project is as old as EXPO 98 but just recently it became known to the public, when the works above the street level began. It will develop as a “housing complex” with 8 hectares, almost 500 apartments, retail facilities and recreational spaces. A green belt (already under consctruction) along the rivers banks, will link the site to the district of Parque das Nações.

Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips joined a visit to the construction site, organized by CCB - Garagem Sul (#buildingstories) with the CPU chief architect.

The infrastructures are ready, as well as the first of the eleven planned buildings. The visual impact of this single building, on the vast expectant site, is huge. Seen from afar, it looks like a brand new metal cladding industrial structure. Strikingly, the façades are covered with white-blue ceramic panels, creating a very catchy reflective effect.

The ceramic panels are reminiscent of Lisbon’s historic tile façades. The urban scheme and the architecture draw inspiration from the old site’s layout and constructions.

The buildings run perpendicular to the riverside (west/east) and have a symmetrical composition, drawn from a semi-enclosed private courtyard. Along this internal space, the divisions are lined with glass doors and have spacious varandas. The spaces enjoy good natural lighting and (unusual) visual permeability. The kitchens and private areas are positioned along the external / main façades.

Each building has its own underground parking lot, commercial units on the ground floor, and four residential levels. Panoramic lifts running inside the patios link all the levels. The top floors are “supreme”, with stunning views and out of sight.

Get to know more about the project joining our architecture tours. Book a guided visit to the project with us!

Post and photo credits by Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips

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